Saturday, January 24, 2009

Going Through Old Notebooks

Well I have begun...pulled out an archive box of old poetry notebooks...oldest is dated October,'s both interesting and uninteresting...some good basic observations of winter by Lake Michigan...a bunch of lame ramblings...getting started I was...I think I'll actually do it...go through all the notebooks mining them for one-liners, quotes...short forgotten poems...fragments w/possibility for a way i don't like it as it's such a turning inward and looking backward...feels better looking outward at the world for poem ideas...then again...what's the point of keeping the notebooks if not to go back through them sometime...I think this is the time...and this note is being written when I've just gone through the most recent five years. Now I'm going back to the beginning and coming up through the years. There are two archive boxes of notebooks and a small 3rd box of the most recent. The photo is of box 1.

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